Past Performances 2012 - 2017
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Past Performances 2012 - 2017

2017 (select)

April 15th - Where I Am, I Am @ Spring Fest - an evening length concert of instrumental compositions for flute, piano and 3 voices + new work for solo voice. 
               Experimental Theater, UCSD  San Diego, CA

May 5th - A Solo Voice @ Resonant Bodies Festival
                 Melbourne Recital Centre  Melbourne, Australia
May 9th - A Solo Voice @ 107
               Sydney, Australia

May 13 / 14 - A Solo Voice @ MONA
                   Hobart, Tasmania

une 8 - 12 - Leading Vocal workshops at Spirit Weavers gathering
                  Lake Concow, CA

July 16-23 International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) residency @Earthdance + Free The Voice workshop @Moving Arts Lab
                  Plainfield, MA

Sept 6 -  A Solo Voice @ Resonant Bodies
             New York, NY


Feb 12th - Voice Bath @ The INTEGRATRON  (Sold Out)

     (Jan - 21 - Feb 19th - Residency at PAM)
Feb 18th - A Solo Voice @ PAM
              Highland Park, Los Angeles CA

Feb 19th - A Solo Voice @ PAM
              Highland Park, Los Angeles CA

March 3rd - 4th 8pm New evening length piece for Solo Voice
                    AutomataLos Angeles CA

January 18th - A Solo Voice - Private event promoting the first Arab musuem in Israel.
                      Los Angeles, CA

January 28th - 6-8pm A Solo Voice + Maia Asshaq, Megan Stockton, Biba Bell, Matvei Yankelevich & Billy Mark
                    Trinosophes, Detroit MI

Nov 19th - A Solo Voice + Meg Foley as part of Meg Foley's Everything All The Time
               Vox Populi  Philadelphia, PA

Nov 4th - A Solo Voice + Voice Bath (at the Kroeber Stairwell at UC Berkeley)
              Berkeley Museum of Art   Berkeley, CA

June - October : taking time off to be with my first born child (except for a few things! ) 

August 16th - 7-8pm  Fog Meditations w/ Chris Kallmyer presented by Current LA - LA's Public Art Biennial
                          Norman O. Houston Park 4800 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008

August 26th - 6-9pm  Vocal and Bassoon collaboration with Archie Carey! 
                             Friday Flights  @ The Getty Museum   Los Angeles, CA

April 1 st - 8:30pm  High Voltage Series : Embodied Voice - an Evening of Vocalists! Odeya Nini, Two Brazilian Women & Erica Rey
               The Electric Lodge    Los Angeles, CA

April 1st - midnight - 1am - Sleepless
               Dorothy Chandler Pavilion   Los Angeles, CA

April 17th - 7pm GEST : New work by Odeya Nin & Danielle Agami presented by The Industry
               LATC - Los Angeles Theater Center , Los Angeles,  CA

March 3rd - Voice + electric guitar - new compositions. 
                  MorYork Gallery    a series hosted by Solarc Brewing  Los Angeles, CA

March 12th - A Solo Voice/ Voice Bath - en evening that will be part solo vocal performance and part sound healing meditation. 
                Land & Sea Project  Oakland, CA

March 18th = A Solo Voice
                  185 Van Horne  Montreal, Canada

Feb 4th - 1pm Bread and Butter Performance organized by Lucy Orta at the UAL - University of the Arts London

Feb 4th - 8:30pm  A Solo Voice with Rahel Kraft, David Toop and David Bloor
       Lewisham Arthouse     London, England

Jan 10 - Group show with performance artists from the US and Mexico
        @ Artespace Mariposa   Tijuana, Mexico

Jan 12th - 8pm Performance. Art. Voice. an evening of solos and duos. With artists Esther Baker Tarpaga, Devika Wickremesinghe, Isai Garcia
       @Women's Center for Creative Work (WCCW)    Los Angeles, CA

Jan 13th - 8pm A Solo Voice  - With T.J. Borden, Paul Pinto & Jeffrey Young, Esther Baker Tarpaga + more
       @ Low Gallery     San Diego, CA

Jan 16 - 8pm New Music for Voice, Strings and Electronics from LA, New York and UCSD  with  T.J. Borden, Paul Pinto and Jeffrey Young, Bonnie Lander and Judith Hamann, Scott Worthington
       @ Art Share LA   Los Angeles, CA

Jan 27th - Wire Tapping - A Solo Voice with Anat Pick and Faye Shapiro
       @ Barbur Gallery   Jerusalem, Israel

an 30th - Misscompossed : The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency. An evening of musical performances by various artists
       @ HaTeiva    Jaffa, Israel


ct 17th - 8pm
 A Solo Voice + Matt Nelson
               @Brooklyn Studios for Dance  New York, NY

Oct 19th - 8pm Movement Research at Judson Church - A Solo Voice
             @Judson Church    New York, NY  

Oct 31 - Nov 22 - The Industry's HOPSCOTCH opera (Im on the Yellow Route!)
                 Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Nov 21 - 8pm Premiere of a new composition for 3 voices and electronics (with Stephanie Aston and Argenta Walther) 
           @PIE - People Inside Electronics Series,   Neighborhood Church of Pasadena, CA

Sept 22 -26 - A Solo Voice + masterclasses
                  i'Trota Contemporary Dance Festival, Madagascar

Aug 16 - 23rd
 - Residency + Teaching Voice/ Movement workshop during : Moving Arts Lab: A Festival Meeting Grounds for Interdisciplinary Exploration                          
             @Earthdance   Plainfield, MA

Aug 7th - 7:30pm  The Way of Heaven - A performance based on a Korean Shaman ritual concieved by So-Ok Kim. 
                         Composition and Performance by Odeya Nini
             @The Korean Cultural Institute  Los Angeles, CA

Aug 2nd - 7:30pm Solo vocal improv w/ Gelsey Bell, Sondra Son Ode
            @ A private home in Glassell Park - Los Angeles, CA

July 25th - 7:30pm Solo vocal improv as part of Sprinkles
             @ Bootleg Theater  Los Angeles, CA

June 4th - 8pm  A Solo Voice + Archie Carey
              @ Mengi Reykjavik, Iceland

June 10th - 8pm  A Solo Voice + Theda Weber Lucks
              @ a private residence  Berlin, Germany

June 14th  - filming of A Solo Voice with artists Lucy and Jorge Orta for their future exhibition. 
                Boissy-le-Châtel, France

June 15th  - A Solo Voice
              @ TASCI  Paris. France

April 1st - 8pm A Solo Voice HomeLA Cairmont, CA

April 7th - 7pm @ Mor York, Shared night with Archie Carey, Jeff Young, Eric Clark and Leyna Marika Papach.
May 1st -  concert of solo voice + voice and instrumental music
               Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

East Coast Tour! March 13- 21
March 13th - A Solo Voice AUX Performance Space
                      Philadelphia, PA
March 18th - A Solo Voice  + Gelsey Bell Roulette, 
                      Brooklyn, NY

March 19th - Sonic Expeditions for Voice and Bassoon - War Memorial Arts Initiative 
                     Baltimore, MD

March 20th - A Solo Voice + Archie Carey, solo bassoon - Prisma Video
                      Raleigh, NC

March 21st - A Solo Voice + Archie Carey, solo bassoon - Black Mountain Collage Museum
                     Asheville, NC

Feb 8 - 28 - Artist in residence  - The Banff Centre
                       Banff, Canada

January 31st - Solo Voice
                    Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago,  Chicago, IL

January 24th - Free The Voice! solos and duos with Arrington Dionyso and Heather Hall
                   The Bandha Room Olympia, WA

January 6th - 8pm Concert with the wonderful ABRA Ensemble + solo
                   HaTeiva, Tel Aviv, Israel

December 6th - 8pm Movement Research Spring Festival - Daria Fain's EXPLORATION IN NAMING
                        Danspace Project, New York, NY

December 14th - 8pm Pieces for voice and movement with Massimiliano Balduzzi
                                Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 20th - 9pm Vougheauxyice
               Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Nov 22nd - 8pm A Solo Voice
                house show, Santa Cruz, CA

Sept 27th
 - 7-9pm VOICED installation at LAXArt Gala
                Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills CA

Oct. 12th - A Solo Voice
               Dom Dom, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nov 1st - A Solo Voice  
               Zero Station, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam 

August 27 - 2-3pm Solo vocal improvisation on the Gold Stage
                 Hammer Museum, Los Angeles , CA

August 23 - Solo Voice inside sound installation by Woody Sullender  + Carmina Escobar  
                 MAK Center for Art and Architecture (Schindler House)   
                     Los Angeles, CA        
August 22nd - House show with Heather Lockie and Leyna Marika Papach

July 26 -  Native Strategies w/ Oscar Santos (Sister Mantos)

July 13 - 20th - IIAC residency and workshop as part of the Moving Arts Lab at Earthdance
                         Plainfield, MA
June 20th - 8pm  VOICED Works for Experimental Voice with chamber ensemble
    Automata        Los Angeles, CA

June 14th 8pm (doors open at ) A Solo Voice
   FURSTWORLD   Joshua Tree, CA

May 19th 8pm (private performance) LAXART's Ungala w/ Archie Carey

April 13th 6pm  -  Solo Voice @ Birch Aquarium
   Birch Aquarium   San Diego, CA

April 24th - 8pm  RECORD RELEASE!! Vougheauxyice (Voice) my first solo album is coming to light!!
   Pieter  Los Angeles, CA


March 22  8:30pm & March 23rd  8pm -  Solo Voice @ RedCat Studio   
   Redcat  Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 18th  - 7pm A Solo Voice
    A Place To Listen       Victoria, BC   

Feb 20th - 8pm performing and talking about my scores at Open Space
    Open Space       Victoria, BC

Dec. 7 -   UCLA - performing compositions by Israeli composers.
        Schoenberg Hall      Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 22 - 11:59am Duo with Archie Carey
       Machine Project Mystery Theater   Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 30 - Nov. 2  - Tatyana Tenenbaum's Private County
                      A new dance/ vocal/ theater work
     Chocolate Factory    New York, NY

August 5th 7pm
performing Web Cast for string and voice
part of Dog Star at Moon Canyon
Mt Washington, LA, CA

August 23th 8pm
Solo Voice + Archie Carey + new pieces for bassoon and voice
     Pieter     Los Angeles, CA

August 24th 8:30 - 10:30pm
Da Da Dance Workshop with Doran George and Archie Carey
part of Midnight Muse
LACMA   Los Angeles, CA

August 31 8pm
Vocal improvisations with Carole Kim & folks
Folly Bowl
Altadena, CA

Sept 1st 8pm
Vocal improvisations with Carole Kim & folks
Folly Bowl
Altadena, CA

Sept 6th 8pm
 Performing solo work in a group art show
Pacific Palisades, CA

Sept 10 8pm
Solo Voice at Barbur
Jerusalem, Isreal


Apr. 20 - 22 - Performing A Solo Voice repertoire
                    2 Days and 2 Nights Festival of Contemporary Music
                     Odessa, Ukraine

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